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Andrew Moore

Original compositions by Andrew Moore

'The Sick Rose' for Voice & Piano (1971)                                                         

'Lullay myn lyking' for TBB, flute & organ (1986)                                              

'Lullay myn lyking'  version for SAA, flute & organ                      

'Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis' for SATB & Organ (1992)                         

'Good News I Tell' for SATB (1992)                                                          

Song Cycle (1993) (4 poems by John Donne)

'The Triple Fool' for voice & piano                                          

'The Triple Fool' arr. for Flute & piano                                      

'The Triple Fool' arr. for Oboe & piano                            

'The Ecstasy' for voice & piano                                                

'The Broken Heart' for vocal solo                                             

'The Broken Heart' arr. for Flute & piano                        

'The Broken Heart' arr. for Oboe & piano      

'The Broken Heart' for piano solo                                           

'The Prohibition' for Voice & piano                                           

'Expressions' - Fourteen pieces for organ (1993)

'Memory' for Voice & Piano (1993)                                                         

'Summer's Pride' for Voice & Piano (1993)                                                               

'Summer's Pride' arranged for Bassoon & Piano                        

'Summer's Pride' arranged for Flute & piano                             

'The Lamb' for Voice & Piano (1993)                                                             

'The Piper' for Voice & Piano (1993)                                                                  

'The Divine Image' for Voice & Piano (1993)                                                        

'A Complaint' for Voice & Piano (1994)                                                                         

'A Complaint' - arranged for Bassoon & Piano                            

'A Complaint' - arranged for Clarinet & Piano                            

'A Complaint' - arranged for Violin & Piano                                         

'Sleep now, O sleep now' for Voice & Piano (1994)  (unpublished)

'Sleep now, O sleep now' arranged for bassoon & Piano                              


The Secret' for Voice & Piano (1994)                                                        

'The Secret' arranged for Bassoon & Piano                                 

'The Secret' for Flute & piano                                                   

'Symphony in Miniature' for Chamber Orchestra  (1994)

Symphony in Miniature - First Movement                  Listen                       

Symphony in Miniature - Second Movement              Listen                  

Symphony in Miniature - Third Movement                 Listen                   

Symphony in Miniature - Fourth Movement               Listen                 


'Vos non elegistis me' for SATB (1994)                                                          


'Modal Interludes for Organ' (28 Short pieces for Manuals)  (1994)       (out of print)

'Darkness into Light'  (1994) - A Cantata for Tenor soloist, chorus and orchestra  (out of print)

1. Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger

2. Happy the man whose offence is forgiven

3.O Lord do not rebuke me

4. Have mercy on me, God

5. Out of the depths

6. Listen, Lord, to my prayer

7. Praise God

'Short Moments in a Long Day' - Eight lyric pieces for solo cello (1994)            


'Interludes for Music Groups' - 10 pieces for Mixed Instruments  (1995)    (out of print)


'A Lost World' for Voice & Piano (1996)

'A Lost World' - arranged for Cello & Piano                                   

'A Lost World' - arranged for Viola & Piano                                  

'A Lost World' - arranged for Violin & Piano                               


Meditation on 'Veni Creator Spiritus' for Organ (1996)                                             

Meditation on Veni Creator Spiritus - arranged for Flute & Organ                                                        

Meditation on Veni Creator Spiritus - arranged for Violin & Organ                                                

'Three Austrian Dances' for Violin and Piano (1996)


'Three Austrian Dances - No.1 Minuet & Trio for Violin & Piano                                                  

'Three Austrian Dances - No. 1 Minuet & Trio - arranged for Viola & Piano                    

'Three Austrian Dances - No.2 March for Violin & Piano                                                      

'Three Austrian Dances - No. 2 March - arranged for Viola & Piano                                     

'Three Austrian Dances - No.3 Waltz for Violin & Piano                                                                 

'Three Austrian Dances - No.3 Waltz - arranged for Viola & Piano                                  


'Come, Lord Jesus' - An Advent Song' (1996)                                            

'Busy Day' 12 Early grade pieces for piano (1997)

'Five English Watercolours' for String Quartet (1997)

'Two Pieces for Piano (1998)


'Jazz Suite for Piano (1998)

'The Scarlet Cat' four pieces for piano iknspired by Domenico Scarlatti (1999)


'Liturgical Miniatures' - 50 Interludes for organ (2000)


'Earlydayze for Violin' - 12 pieces for early grade beginners (2002)

'Earlydayze Cello'


'God so loved the world' (2003)                                                         


'Love was his meaning' for SATB (2003)                                                   

'Missa Cremifanensis'  for SATB, Organ, Timpani and Strings  (2005 / 2007)

1. Kyrie                                                                                                     

2. Gloria                                                                                                

3. Credo                                                                                      

4. Sanctus & Benedictus                                                                

5. Agnus Dei                                                                                        

'Divertimento a Tre' for Violin, Viola and Piano (2005)

'Divertimento a Tre' - First movement: Andante espressivo                                      

'Divertimento a Tre' - Second movement: Larghetto                                                   

'Divertimento a Tre' - Third movement: Moderato                                                     


'Veni Emmanuel' (The 'O' Antiphons) for SATB (2005)                                          

'Jubilate Deo' for SATB (2007)                                                                      

'God be in my head' for SATB (2007)                                                          

'Ave Maria' for SSA & Organ 2008)             Listen                                                        


'Requiem' - for Choir (SATB), and Orchestra (2008)

1. Requiem aeternam

2. Kyrie

3. Dies Irae

4. Offertorium

5. Sanctus & Benedictus

6. Agnus Dei

7. Pie Jesus


'Spring' for String Quartet (2009)                                                                        


'Ave Verum Corpus' for SSA  (2009)             Listen                                                


'Nocturne' for Oboe Quartet (Oboe, Violin, Viola & Cello) - (2009) 

'Veritas Domini' for SSA (2009)

'Cantate Domino) for SSA (2011)

The Shepherd's Lullaby for SSA and keyboard (2011)

The Winchester Mass (2012)            


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