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Arcadelt, Jacob  (?1507 - 1568)

'Ave Maria' for SATB                                                     

Bach, J. S.   (1686  -  1750)        


Air in D from Suite No. 3  arranged for String Trio    
                Air in D from Suite No. 3  arranged for Wind Trio     
                Ascension Day Overture arranged for organ 
                'Et exultavit' from the Magnificat arranged for String Trio           

                Forty-Eight Preludes & Fugues - Book 1

                                Prelude No. 1 in C Major
                                Prelude No. 2 in C minor
                                Prelude No. 5 in D Major
                                Prelude No. 6 in D minor
                                Prelude No. 8 in Eb minor                                 
                                Prelude No. 9 in E major
                                Prelude No. 11 in F major
                                Prelude No. 12 in F minor
                                Prelude No. 16 in G minor           arranged for String quartet  
                               Prelude No. 17 in Ab major
                                Prelude No. 19 in A major
                                Prelude No. 20 in A minor
                                Prelude No. 24 in B minor

                 'Herzlich thut mich verlangen (Passion Chorale) BWV727 arr. for String Quartet              

               ‘Ich ruf zu dir’                    arranged for String Trio                 arranged for Wind Trio

'In Dulci Jubilo' for organ (BWV 729)                       

'Jesus, meine Zuversicht' (BWV728) arr. for String Trio             

              Three Part Inventions

                                No. 3 in D major                           arranged for String Trio                 arranged for Wind Trio
                                No. 11 in G minor
                                No. 14 in Bb major

Bizet, Georges  (1838  -  1875)

'Adagietto' from L'Arlesienne Suite No. 1 for String Quartet or String Orchestra                                              

Boyce, William  (1711  -  1779)                  

Symphony No 1    1st movement                             version for string quartet       
                                             2nd movement                        
3rd movement                             

Bruckner, Anton  (1824 - 1896)

'Locus Iste' - for SATB                          

Byrd, William  (1543 - 1623)

'Ave Verum Corpus' for SATB           
'Gloria tibi, Domine' for ATB                   

Chopin, Frederic  (1810 - 1849)

Prelude in E Minor Op.28, No. 4 arranged  for Oboe & piano  

Croce, Giovanni  (1557 - 1609)

'Cantate Domino' for SATB                   

 Delius, Frederick  (1862 - 1934)

'To be sung of a summer's night on the water' (SATTBB)               

 Dvorak, Antonin  (1841  - 1904)

              Five Bagatelles Op. 47 for Two Violins, Cello and Harmonium

                                Op. 47, No. 1               
 Op. 47, No. 5                      

 Elgar, Edward  (1857 - 1934)

'Adagio' from the Cello Concerto - for Cello & Piano                                   
'Adagio' from the Cello Concerto arranged for Clarinet & Piano      
'Adagio from the Cello Concerto arranged for Viola & Piano            
'Adagio' from the Cello Concerto arranged for Violin & Piano           

'Ave Verum' for SATB & Organ                                                                     

'O Salutaris Hostia' for SATB & Organ                                                          


Farrant, Richard  (d. 1580)

'Hide not thou thy face' - for SATB                                                              

'O Sacrum Convivium' for SATB                                                                    

Fauré, Gabriel  (1845 - 1924)

'Après un rêve' for voice & piano (french & english text)   
'Apres un reve' arranged for Bassoon & Piano                               
'Apres un reve' arranged for Cello & Piano                                   
'Apres un reve' arranged for Clarinet & Piano                                
'Apres un reve' arranged for Horn & Piano                                     
'Apres un reve' arranged for Oboe & Piano                                    
'Apres un reve' arranged for Viola & Piano                                     
'Apres un reve' arranged for Violin & Piano                                     

'Au bord de l'eau' for voice & piano (french & english text)                        
'Au bord de l'eau' arranged for Oboe & Piano                                

'La Fileuse' from Pelleas et Melisande arranged for organ                           

'Mai' arranged for Bassoon and piano                                                          

'Nocturne' arranged for Horn & piano                                                       
'Nocturne' arranged for Cor Anglais & piano                                               


Field, John   (1782 - 1837)

'Nocturne in B flat' arranged for Flute & piano                                            


Foerster, Anton   (1867  -  1915)

'A Ghost Story' for Piano                                                     
'A Ghost Story' arranged for String Trio                                         
'A Ghost Story' arranged for Wind Trio                                         


Gigout, Eugene  (1844 - 1925)

Minuetto for organ                                                            


Grieg,  Edvard  (1843 - 1907)

Lyric Pieces for Piano  Op. 12

No.1 Arietta                                                                 
No.2 Waltz                                                             
No.3 Watchman' Song                                           
No.4 Elves' Dance                                                  
No.5 Folk Melody                                                   
No.6 Norwegian Melody                                        
No.7 Album Leaf                                                    
No.8 National Song                                                


Guillmant, Alexandre  (1837 - 1911)

'Grand Choeur alla Handel' arranged for String Trio           
'Grand Choeur alla Handel' arranged for Wind Trio            

Hofmann, Heinrich  (19th C)

'On the lake' arranged for flute & piano                            


King John IV of Portugal  (1604 - 1656)

'Crix Fidelis' - for SATB                                                       

Kuhnau, Johann  (1660 - 1722)

Passion Chorale - O Sacred Head Sore Wounded - for organ solo        
Passion Chorale arranged for String Quartet                           
Passion Chorale arranged for Wind Quartet                            


Lemaigre, Edmond  (1849 - 1890)

'Alla Fuga' for organ                                                            
'Alla Fuga' arranged for String Quartet                 
'Alla Fuga' arranged for Wind Quartet                  

'Capriccio' for organ                                                            
'Capriccio' arranged for flute and piano                


Lotti, Antonio  (1667 - 1740)

'Regina Coeli' for SATB                                                        





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