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Martini, G. B. (1706 - 1784)

'In Monte Oliveti' for SSA                                       

'In Monte Oliveti' for TTB                                       

'Tristis est anima mea' for SSA                               

'Tristis est anima mea' for TTB                               


Mendelssohn, Felix  (1809 - 1847)

'Andante con moto' for piano                                 

arranged for string quartet / ensemble    


Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus  (1756 - 1791)

'Adagio for glass harmonica' (K.356) arr for piano                          
'Adagio for glass harmonica' (K.356) - arr. for String Trio               
'Adagio for glass harmonica' (K.356) arr. for Wind Trio                  

'Allemande' from Suite in C (K.399) arr. for String Trio                   
'Allemande' from Suite in C (K.399) arr. for Wind Trio                    

'Andantino in E flat' K. 236 - arr for String Trio                              
'Andantino in E flat' K. 236 - arr for Wind Trio                               

'Courante' from Suite in C (K.399) arr for String Trio                    

Fugue in E Flat (K.153) arr. for String Trio                                    
Fugue in E Flat (K.153) arr. for Wind Trio                                     

Fugue in G Minor (K.154) arr. for String Trio                                 
Fugue in G Minor (K.154) arr. for Wind Trio                                  


Paradis, Maria Theresia von

'Sicilienne' arr.  for Flute & piano                                                  


Rebikov, Vladimir  (1866 - 1920)

'Autumn Leaf' for piano (Op.29, No.3)                                     
'Autumn Leaf' - arranged for Clarinet & Piano              
'Autumn Leaf' - arranged for Flute & Piano                  
'Autumn Leaf' - arranged for Oboe & Piano                 
'Autumn Leaf' - arranged for Violin & Piano                  


'Children Skating'

'Children Skating' arranged  for flute & piano              

Rheinberger, Josef  (1839 - 1901)

Cantilene from Organ Sonata No. 11, Op. 148                         

Satie, Erik  (1866 - 1925)

                Gnossienne III      arranged for Flute & String quartet        
  Arranged for flute & piano          
                               Arranged for Oboe & piano                      
                                             Arranged for Horn & piano                        

                Gymnopédie I       arranged for Flute, or Oboe & String Quartet     
                                            Arranged for flute & piano                      
                                            Arranged for Oboe & piano                 
                                            Arranged for Horn & piano                       

                Gymnopédie II      arranged for Flute, or Oboe & String Quartet  
                                             Arranged for flute & piano                    
                    Arranged for Oboe & piano           
                     Arranged for Horn & piano                      

                Gymnopédie III      arranged for Flute, or Oboe & String Quartet   
                                              Arranged for flute & piano                   
                                              Arranged for Oboe & piano                    
                           Arranged for Horn & piano                    

Scheidemann, Heinrich  (c. 1595 - 1663)

Preamble in D for organ                                                          

Schubert, Franz  (1797 - 1828)

String Trio No. 1 in B flat major (1816)

String Trio No. 2  in B flat major (1817)

1st Movement: Allegro Moderato                                     

2nd Movement: Andante                                                  

Stainer, John  (1840 - 1901)

'God so loved the world' - for SATB                                              

Terry, Richard              'Myn Lyking' for SATB & Organ                          

Victoria, Tomas Luis de  (c.1548 - 1611)

'Jesus dulcis memoria' for SATB                                                   

Vierne, Louis   (1870 - 1937)

'Adagio' from Organ Symphony No 3. arr for String Quartet      

Arabesque for organ                                                                    


Berceuse for organ                                                                       

Pastorale for organ                                                                       

Wesley, Samuel  (1766 - 1837)

'Si Iniquitatis observaveris' for Tenor, Baritone and Bass             

Zipoli, Domenico  (1688 - 1726)

Canzona in D Minor for organ                                                      

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